Poolside is back; A cool locale for the ultra hot

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The Roman Baths. A luxurious symbol of a rising empire, their wealth and prosperity. Great lengths were taken to bring life giving, cleansing water into every day life, an oasis from the summer sun.

But that time has gone. It wasn’t all that long ago that the world was blessed with one of my least favorite home “decor” items; the above-ground swimming pool. Exclusive locales had housed pools for decades, even centuries. But with advancements in plastics and chemical treatments and the like, housing developments everywhere trucked millions of gallons of shimmering turquoise water into their backyards, so that they too might be have the luxury to dip their toes into cool waters at the end of a long, hot day.

The late comedian Mitch Hedberg had a great line about why commercials for above-ground pools are only 30 seconds long  — because that is the maximum amount of time you can have fun in an above-ground pool. (What should I do now, throw the ball back to Jimmy? Put goggles on and look at his feet?)

My, my how times have changed. The cheap-o backyard pools of the 80’s and 90’s and dime-a-dozen hotel pools are a far cry from the masterful creations that await sunset party goers these days.

Proximity to water has always been a mark of luxury, of elite. And like all good things, there were some knock-offs. For awhile there, we admit… it got a lil’ jenky.  (Remember when everyone started naming their kids names like Paris and Chanel? Same same.)

Please allow us the great honor of reintroducing you to the swimming pool. A shimmering, turquoise canvas, in which to display effortlessly the brand you have worked so hard to represent.

There is no better way to gather the ultra hot than securing an ultra cool, ultra chic, timeless location; poolside.

At The Floating Letter Co, we will create your logo into a three dimensional floating work of art — a bit of branding genius, a social media backdrop made in heaven. It takes just minutes from unboxing to displaying your brand in the ultimate three dimensions way – and lets you focus on everything else.

Submit your logo and photo of your event location and let us show you just how good you can look with a professional mockup and quote. hello@thefloatingletterco.com

Reflection of palms in pool water